Blissful Relationship Daily Meditation – Be Considerate With Sex In Marriage, 14TH November, 2017

Textual Focus:

(Song of Solomon 2:5, KJV)

“Stay me with flagons, comfort me with apples: for I am sick of love

Some couples are not considerate with their spouse on sex matters in marriage. They feel it’s only about satisfying their own needs. Husbands, always consider your wives and not be selfish to their sexual urge. You just want to satisfy yourself and you don’t care if your wife is satisfied or not.

Sexual satisfaction is not a sin in marriage. It should be a time to be romantic and not just a conjugal duty for procreation. Don’t be too hard on her, she is not an harlot but your lovely wedded wife. Be considerate and be concerned with her feelings as well.

Wives too should brush up themselves to always be sexually appealing to their husbands. If you send him out, you might never get him back again. And if at all you get him back, only God can restore your marriage to sweetness.




Am I meeting my spouse needs sexually?


O God, help me to be sexually considerate to my spouse in line with your will in Jesus name, amen.


I will be considerate of my spouse sexually in marriage.












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