LISTENING TO GOD – How Does He Speak To Us?

Listening is a very vital skill required in communicating effectively, it is simple yet hard as a lot of people lack this skill, we are so quick to talk and respond. Listening requires concentration, it’s something you consciously choose to do, and when you listen you get to learn. A good listener pays attention to the person who is speaking, is quiet and focused on the person, doesn’t talk while the other party is still talking, ask questions if anything is not clear when the speaker has finished.

Listening to God is like listening to anyone; before you can hear Him; you must pay attention to Him and be ready to listen.

How do I know when God is talking? Does God really talk? I have never heard any audible voice of God…this might be going through your mind now, how does God speaks to us?

                            “Listening to God is like listening to anyone, 

                             before you can hear Him you must pay attention to Him                                  

                            and be ready to listen”.

God is a creative God, and we are all unique, He relates with us differently, and he also speaks to us differently. God does not speak the same way to all of us,  for instance, Paul heard God’s voice on his way to Damascus, He spoke to Moses in a burning bush, He told Noah to build an ark, God gave me a word yesterday about a situation in the place of prayer. He is a creative God!

There are so many ways God speaks to us and I will be sharing few of them with you today.


1)    God speaks to us through His Word:  2 Timothy 3:16 (NLT)

“All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right”.

The word of God is the voice of God, when you buy a new gadget, it comes with a manual, and before you start operating the gadget you need to study the guidelines in the manual before operating it, in other to avoid issues. So it is with God’s word, it is a guide, it contains instructions, and principles for life, it gives direction. God has a word for you concerning any situation you are going through, it may be your health, academics, marriage, relationships, career, business, it’s all in the word.

Build a wealth of God’s word in you, spend time with the word, it keeps you on track; it directs your path to God’s will.

2) God speaks to us through His people: God can use anyone, friends, parents, spiritual leaders, it could be through words of encouragement, godly counsel, warning, prophetic declaration. The words spoken must conform to God’s word, it must align with the scriptures, and if it doesn’t then you need to drop it. God is not an author of confusion. Read James 3 :16

God has spoken to me severally through other people, don’t underestimate anyone, you might feel the person is not up to your standard, or perhaps not as “spiritual” as you wish. God’s ways are not our ways, if God can speak through a Donkey in Numbers 22: 28, then he can you any one, just have an open heart

3) God speak to us in the place of prayer: Prayer is talking to God, we talk to him and he talks back to us. He talks to us through His spirit, we may not hear God’s literal voice but His spirit confirms a certain direction or answer for us. Sometimes while praying God can drop a scripture or a word in your heart that you can apply to the situation you are facing

4) God speaks to us through His Spirit: Once you have accepted Jesus into your life, His spirit comes alive within you. The Holy Spirit in us gives us direction, teaches us the right things to do and say, only if we yield to the Holy Spirit. God’s spirit speaks to us through our conscience helping us to make the right decisions. It comes as a still small voice in you

5) Through Praise: Sometimes when I go through challenging times, instead of worrying I praise and worship God, my inner man is strengthened and my confidence in God grows. Spend more time listening to Godly music, joy, divine inspiration, and comfort comes with it.

6)God Speak through dreams and visions: This is shown is the lives of Joseph, Jacob, Peter, John etc

“ And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions” Joel 2 : 28.

Anytime you have a dream that does not conform to God’s word for your life, always pray against it, God will never contradict His word.

7)Through Circumstances: A friend has been seeking for a job after graduation for more than three years, nothing seem to be working out, there was a time he spoke to influential people, MDs of top companies to help him secure a job but nothing came forth, he trusted that having this influential people will help him get a job, but all his connection failed, he decided to focus on God, kept submitting his CV, months after he got a Job in a very big company without the help of any connection, God did it all my himself, He wanted him to learn to trust God and not man or his influence.  What are you going through today? Examine yourself, what does God want you to learn from it?

Like I said earlier God is a creative God, this are some of the few ways God speaks to us, he still uses natural and supernatural manifestations to speak to His people. God is always ready to talk to you, are you ready to listen? Are you focusing on His voice?

Prayer Point: Heavenly father, thank you for your word today, open my heart to hear your voice, give me the grace to recognise your voice in my life and make me a better listener and doer of your word.








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