How To Stick To A Financial Budget

Making a financial budget is easy, sticking to it is where the issue is. A lot of people have this issue. They live pay check to pay check. If this describes you, you’ll definitely find these tips helpful;

Have financial goals. You know how terrible your financial goals have been, how will you improve on that? Start by setting clearly defined goals. How much do you want to spend on transport, on emergencies, on vacations, cinema trips, etc. How much are you going to start saving for that house, car, wedding etc? You must start putting aside some money for emergencies. You should have a goal for that. So set those financial goals and have them written down and put them where you will see them constantly.

Discipline. Start inculcating the habit of not spending beyond the amount you have set aside. Let those goals push you. You are saving on a budget for a reason. Let that thought alone push you to stay within the amount you have set aside for spending per month.

Start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Don’t set a goal of one million naira on a monthly salary of N80,000 unless you have other sources of income. Do not overwhelm yourself, start small and grow with it.

ATM. Your ATM card makes it very easy for you to go over your budget. To manage this, you can create an expense account and get an ATM card for it. When the money in that account finishes, just know that you are out of spending money.

Stick to it no matter what. Do not try to cut corners. Stick to your budget. Regardless of what your monthly pay is, stick to the budget you have set. Let your WHY push you.

Let us know below if these helped you! All the very best.


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Hendricks Chime Chioma
Hendricks Chime Chioma

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