Use This Tips To Make Your Food Stuffs Last Longer

How do you feel when you get to the kitchen with the intention to make a particular meal and you discover that your foodstuff has gone bad? You won’t be too pleased right.

While you cannot do anything about food going bad (because food cannot last forever), here are some tips to make your foodstuff last longer;

Keep your onions and garlic in a paper bag with pierced with holes. They stay fresh longer that way.

Don’t overfill your refrigerator. Overcrowding results in reduced airflow, which means some foods don’t cool properly and spoil faster as a result. Clean and reorganize your fridge regularly.

Put a slice of bread in with your cookies. The piece of bread will help keep cookies and other baked goods from going stale.

Store ice cream upside down to prevent freezer burn. You should also store previously opened canned goods – like tomato sauce – upside down to prevent mould from forming.

Break up that bunch of bananas. Bananas ripen slower when they’re not in a bunch. If you hate seeing a fruit family torn apart, however, you can wrap the stem in plastic wrap to slow the ripening.

Store your fruits and vegetables separately. Fruits that emit high levels of the gas ethylene (apples and bananas) ripen other fruits and vegetables quickly, shortening the shelf life of all of your produce. Minimize the problem by storing fruits and veggies in their own drawers in the fridge or in separate areas on the countertop.

Don’t put bread in the fridge. Contrary to popular belief, refrigerated bread won’t stay fresh longer—in fact, it’ll go stale even quicker than room temperature.

Cucumbers have a better life at room temperature so you should keep them out of the fridge.

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